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2/25/24: The Science of BDSM Research Team would like to thank MTTA, Inc. for their generous donation! MTTA, the Master/slave Conference, and Master Taino have been strong supporters of the team for many years, and we are very grateful for their ongoing support for our research.

Upcoming Events

7/9/24: Jennifer Davis and Taylor Mackenzie will present "A Conversation at the Intersection" at Pragmatic Kink.

7/25/24: Taylor Mackenzie will present "The Egalitarian Monogamist and Other Embarrassing Identities: Studies of Stigma and Attachment Style within the BDSM Community" at the Vegas Toolbox.

8/1/24 - 8/4/24: Brad Sagarin will present "Kink by the Numbers" and "Subspace: The Final Frontier" at the 2024 Guild of Deviated Standards Conference.

8/18/24: Brad Sagarin will present "Disentangling the Axes of BDSM" as part of the CARAS webinar series.

8/29/24 - 9/2/24: Brie Muzzy, Nwachi Tafari, and Brad Sagarin will present "Insights from the Master/slave Interview Study" and "Attachment Style and the Psychology of Master/slave Relationships" at the 2024 Master/slave Conference.

9/7/24: Kevin Casey, Brie Muzzy, and Brad Sagarin will present "The Unique Benefits of Authority Transfer" at Pragmatic Kink.

9/13/24 - 9/15/24: The team will be presenting at the Indiana Leather and Kink Weekend.

10/18/24 - 10/20/24: The team will be presenting at Kinky Kollege: Homecoming.

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