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5/18/23: Hannah Tarleton was awarded the Leather Leadership Conference's Jack McGeorge Living Leadership Graduate Academic Scholarship!

8/15/23: We are excited to announce that the first paper stemming from our collaboration with the CAPRI research team from the University of Antwerp has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Sex Research! A copy of the paper, titled "BDSM in North America, Europe and Oceania: A Large-Scale International Survey Gauging BDSM Interests and Activities," can be found here

Upcoming Events

8/31/23 - 9/4/23: The team will present "'Uncaged Kink': Illuminating POC Entry Stories into BDSM," "Flourishing Master; flourishing slave," "The Unique Benefits of Master/slave," and "Mistakes Were Made" at the Master/slave Conference.

10/20/23 - 10/22/23: The team will attend Kinky Kollege Homecoming.

11/16/23 - 11/19/23: Taylor Mackenzie will present "The Egalitarian Monogamist and Other Embarrassing Identities: A Study of Stigma within the BDSM Community" and Brie Muzzy will present "Are You Satisfied? The Role of Attachment in BDSM and Authority Transfer Relationships" at the 2023 Annual Conference of The Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS).

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